GOAT Tribe: NFT Staking Release

GOAT Tribe
2 min readFeb 15, 2023
GOAT Tribe and Anvil

GOAT Tribe is thrilled to unveil our cutting-edge NFT staking platform, developed in partnership with Anvil Development Agency. The platform empowers users to earn rewards by staking their NFTs and unlocking new utilities, as well as a variety of incentives and boosts, such as attribute boosts that enhance rewards based on the attributes of an NFT and an asset boost that rewards users for the number of NFTs they hold. Built on Anvil’s V2 staking protocol, the platform also offers rolling rewards for maximum flexibility and control.


The staking platform utilizes Anvil’s V2 staking protocol and offers a unique feature of rolling rewards. This means that users have the flexibility to claim their rewards at any time, providing them with greater control over their tokens.

The rewards on the NFT staking platform are calculated based on a combination of factors to enhance the gamification experience for users. The rarity and ranking of the NFTs are essential in determining the rewards, with the rarest NFTs earning the highest rewards. Additionally, the number of NFTs users hold and the collection they belong to can also affect the rewards received.


Bonuses include the attribute bonus that rewards users for holding NFTs with specific attributes, such as the dizzy bird attribute; this bonus will be changed monthly with community feedback. The asset bonus, on the other hand, rewards users for the number of NFTs they own and will remain constant. These bonuses are designed to incentivize users to hold and stake their NFTs, which helps to create a more active and engaged community.

Join us on our discord channel discord.gg/goattribe to connect with other NFT enthusiasts and get more information about our NFT staking platform. or stay up to date on all the latest developments and learn more about NFT staking.



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